As I discovered long ago, it’s always easier to walk three to five miles if there are beautiful views to distract you.  Our latest distraction is the foxglove that is out in full force throughout Pt. Defiance Park.  

This one seemed awfully tall since I had to stitch four shots together to fit all in the frame, but, as Leslie reveals, it’s just a little over five feet tall.

2 thoughts on “Distractions”

  1. We get a few foxgloves in our garden. As for walking long distances, I used to walk for miles but have taken to exercising on a bike (exercise bike at the moment) and, when I got out for a walk, just ambling about, wandering over to things that catch my interest, hanging around a place if I feel like it. Years ago I’d’ve had an objective – the top of a hill, or a route of so many miles. Often I would walk past places I felt an urge to linger at. Not anymore.

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