My Favorites from Boca Negra Canyon

Some petroglyphs stood out at Boca Negra Canyon, like this clearly visible Yucca Seed, which was seen in several different locations.

Not only was the plant a source of food, but its leaves were used in weaving baskets, and it was a part of some religious ceremonies.

Perhaps the most fascinating petroglyph we saw, though I tended to overlook it at first thinking it might have been a form of vandalism, turns out to be this Parrot, which was an important bird in the area even though they are only native to Mexico. Some tribes in the area even have Parrot Cults. Who woulda thunk it?

Naturally, the petroglyphs that aren’t shown or identified in my books remain the most interesting, and mysterious.  Do you think this is some kind of lizard or iguana?  Don’t the ears make it seem cat-like?  Is it holding that rattle-shaped object in front of it?

Another intriguing petroglyph was this trio.  Were they originally drawn at the same time, or was there some reason later artists added to the grouping.  The three certainly look like different styles to me and the bird looks like it was incised on the top of another, earlier figure.

What do you think?

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