A Few More Shots

Here are a few more shots of the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest just in case I haven’t already convinced you that it’s definitely worth a visit.  

This rock formation reminded me of an ancient warrior standing guard over the path below him.

He overlooks a paved trail where you can explore the painted desert up close.  If it’s not too hot and I’ve managed to adjust to the altitude,  I would love to spend two or three hours exploring the winding trail the next time we visit. 

Considering the shots I got from the road when the light was good,

I imagine you could get some truly spectacular shots when taken from a lower angle. 

There was one more attraction on the site, an old car indicating the original Route 66.

We bought a book describing Route 66 while in Broomfield and used it to follow parts of the original route, all the time thinking that these travelers must have been a lot hardier than we are to have braved these desert roads in the kinds of cars where a radiator could boil over any moment and air conditioning meant opening all the windows and sticking your head out a window to catch a breeze.