Local Birding is Slow

Things have been quiet around here because local birding is relatively quiet.  A quick visit to Theler Wetlands on Thursday certainly confirmed that.  Although we were greeted by a virtual symphony of bird songs, our actual sightings were quite limited.  

A highlight of our visit was a sighting of our resident Marsh Wren 

whose wetlands have finally recovered from last Winter’s snow and high tides.

We think we sighted several Tree Swallows in flight, but I was only capture a few shots of the Barn Swallows resting on the rails.

We hadn’t seen or heard the Belted Kingfisher on our last few visits, but this female Kingfisher flew down on a branch right in front of us.

I would have to say that the highlight of the day was the brilliant greens of early Summer foliage highlighted by a variety of purple flowers like these delicate flowers found in the deepest shade

and these showier stalk that lined the trail  in more open areas.

Ironically, I could have gotten more shots of birds and flowers in my backyard, but then we wouldn’t have gotten the four mile walk in.

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