Great Blue Herons

Most photographers go to Big Beef Creek to get photographs of the Bald Eagles, but, as I’ve noted before, I’m probably drawn more by the Great Blue Heron and their interaction with the Bald Eagles.  

Unfortunately, by the time the herons started catching fish and attracting the attention of the Bald Eagles they were so far out that it was nearly impossible to get decent shots unless you had a better lens than my 500mm Canon lens.  This was the only shot that I liked, and it is heavily cropped.

Luckily, when Big Beef Creek is disappointing, there’s always Seabeck itself where you can get much closer to the Great Blue Heron, so close that it’s hard not to cut parts of the bird off.  Even on this trip when the number of birds was disappointing, there were several herons catching fish at Seabeck.

Not only can I get close to the GBH, it’s one of the few places where you are looking down on them when they fly by. I’m always amazed by the length of their wings.

I’ll have to admit that I already have far too many shots of Great Blue Herons standing around, but they much more interesting when they’re actually doing something — like catching a fish.

Their beak makes them a formidable hunter.

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