Varied Thrush Finally Visits

While it’s not quite as satisfying as three sunny  days on the coast, I was really happy when this Varied Thrush chose to visit my yard.  I’ve been seeing posts from Northwest birds showing Varied Thrushes, but I hadn’t seen one all year.  Heck, I even rack the leaves back onto the raised beds rather than putting them in the yard waste to draw Varied Thrushes.

More often than not Varied Thrushes will fly away as soon as you open the door or point a camera at them, but apparently this bird was finding so much food under last Fall’s leaves that he wasn’t about to be scared away.

He did fly up into the plum tree and look back at me, 

but that just gave me a better chance to get a good shot.

Hopefully they won’t wait so long next year to visit us.

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