Probably As Close to Heaven as I’ll Ever Get

A sunny day on the Oregon Coast is about as close to Heaven as I expect to get in this lifetime.  I’ve been visiting the coast regularly for over 50 years now; I think I’ve visited every pullout there is in that time and each of them seems special in its own way.  When we drove by the Spouting Horn near Florence

I had to stop for a closer look. The high winds and high tide

made it clear why it’s called Spouting Horn.

Later Leslie needed a restroom break, so I walked down the path to see what I could see from the viewpoint.  I didn’t remember the name of this spot, but I remember spending the day there many years ago with Dawn and Tyson.  

I don’t even remember where I took this shot of the rocky ridges that line the Oregon coast, 

but it’s a characteristic of the Oregon coast that is largely absent on the Washington coast.

We spent our last night Moolack Shores Inn near Agate Beach, a beach I walked for years after a teacher friend bought a motel there.  

It’s a beautiful spot even in the fog.

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I’ve been going back to the same spot in Wales for decades. There’s something about getting to know a place more and more deeply that one misses always travelling to different places (although there’s a place for that, too).

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