A Day Out at Theler and Port Orchard

January has continued to be one of the wettest I can ever remember, so Leslie and I have been focusing on getting back in shape at the YMCA. We did have at least two non-rainy days this month, though, and managed to get out to Theler Wetlands once.

Birding still seems slow (maybe the birds are trying to avoid the hunters?), and the heavy fog made it even harder to get some decent shots. This male Green-Winged Teal still managed to flash some beautiful colors, though.

The ever-present Song Sparrows show no signs of being intimidated by distant shotgun blasts.

The best birding of the day continued to be at the Port Orchard Marina. Not only was I able to get closer to the birds, but the sun deigned to peak out from behind the clouds. This female Baird’s Goldeneye seemed quite striking after months of shooting with little or no sunlight.

Not sure this female Hooded Merganser needed extra light to be striking,

but I’m pretty sure that this male Hooded Merganser would be striking in any light.

What do you think?

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