Pushing My Limits

I used to consider myself technologically-adept; more and more I consider myself technologically-challenged. Not only was I challenged to update my WordPress theme, but I’m having trouble adapting to the latest editor in the most recent update.

I’m used to formatting my entries in BBEdit including all the HTML, pasting them into the editor, and adding images at the end. As far as I can tell, that method is no longer going to work.

Supposedly the new editor will be easier for those new to WordPress, but that certainly hasn’t proven true for me so far. I’ve read that learning a second language is good for the brain; hopefully trying to keep up with technological innovation will have the same advantage because it seems like a foreign language to me.

Later today I’m going to attempt to replace the hard drive in my Mac Pro. The physical replacement looks remarkably easy but making sure that I can install a new operating system looks a little more challenging. If I disappear from the network for an extended period of time it’s either because I’m having my computer repaired or I’m waiting to be able to afford a new iMac.

7 thoughts on “Pushing My Limits”

  1. I took a little tour around that new platform, which I’m pretty sure I could master by spending some time and probably hiring someone to walk me through a few posts, holding my hand all the way. But that’s assuming I want to spend more time & money when there’s a million other ways I would rather be spending both. So after being filled with dread as I poked around the new platform mostly helpless and confused, I noticed the little box I could check to stay with the old platform, “Classic,” I think they call it, that WordPress will support till or through 2022. Easiest decision of my life to stay with what I had, and see if I’m even alive & still blogging three years from now. (I’m hoping both, but why subject myself to pain & misery before it’s strictly necessary?)

    1. It was the Google notice that it would be detracting the old blog theme that motivated me to try something new. We’ll see jus how much stress it creates. You’ll notice I just tried a new theme that I like better than the one I had the last few days.

  2. I hear ya Loren. I was hit the same way at work when I went to start a blog for it – I still have not figured it out properly. I wish WP would have given us the ability to choose between interfaces.

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