Birds are Always Where You Find Them

With everyone at Church, Leslie and I headed out to East Lake Shores Park for some birding. Although we had visited the park several times on our earlier visits, I couldn’t get anyone else enthused about visiting it on this trip. As it turned out, the birding was great.

Leslie has been searching for Killdeer chicks at Theler Wetlands throughout Spring without success. The very first bird I spotted at East Lake Shores was this juvenile Killdeer.

I’ll have to admit I have no idea how old this bird is, but it’s clearly a Killdeer and when it bent over to eat

the lack of tail feathers made it clear it wasn’t an adult.

The fact that it, and its sibling, were out foraging by themselves suggests it might have hatched a while ago, but Killdeer are precocial and start foraging for themselves right after they’re born.

Although it was a little concerning that no parent was nearby, clearly the babies’ best defense was their natural camouflage.

I’d been photographing the first Killdeer for nearly ten minutes before I saw its sibling. If it hadn’t moved I wouldn’t have seen it.

Hard to believe these little guys will shortly look like this:

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