Avocets in Colorado

After my disappointment at driving all the way to Utah to see the Avocets and finding nary a baby in sight, I was thrilled to find an Avocet just a few miles from Tyson and Jen’s house. On our visit to East Lake Shores Park I was greeted by an Avocet that landed right in front of me.

I spent several minutes photographing it feeding

and flying away.

When it flew away it flew right past another Avocet feeding, and when I focused on that Avocet I noticed it had a juvenile with it.

Although the juvenile wasn’t as young as those I’d hoped to see at Bear River, I enjoyed watching it forage while its parent stood guard nearby.

I can’t remember ever seeing an Avocet in Colorado before, much less one with a chick.

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  1. Love these photos. There’s just something about Avocets that make me want to photograph them whenever we see them. Such beautiful birds. Love seeing that juvenile.

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