A Day at Ocean Shores

Since the sun refused to quit shining after our return from Hawaii, we decided to take the camper on this year’s inaugural trip this year and stay overnight at Ocean Shores. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, but — considering this was the big Shorebird festival — we saw surprisingly few shorebirds.

This small flock of Western Sandpipers were the only birds I would call “shorebirds” that we saw while in Ocean Shores.

I wouldn’t have been at all happy if that had ben all the birds we saw on our eight miles of walking, but a couple of Common Terns

did a flyby, and we saw a small flock of Greater Scaup.

The best sighting of the day, though, was this Osprey that flew directly overhead and looked me straight in the eyes

before continuing up the coastline looking for the day’s meal.

Having lived in Aberdeen for six months many years ago, I wouldn’t have complained about a sunny day at the beach even if we hadn’t seen a single bird.

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  1. Amazing shots of the osprey! Wow. We have them up here in the Adirondacks near Lake Champlain too. Love seeing their nests, almost always on top of a telephone or electrical pole!

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