Back to the Grind

So, what do you do after a week-long trip to Hawaii if you get tired of sitting at your computer processing shots you’ve taken? If you’ve managed to bring the sunshine back with you, like we apparently did, then you head out Sunday to Theler Wetlands to see what has changed since you were last there.

We discovered that a few Barn Swallows

have joined the Tree Swallows

on the boardwalk railing.

There’s at least one Great Blue Heron that hasn’t started nesting yet.

When we checked the Port Orchard marina we discovered a single Horned Grebe in breeding colors

despite my fear they would all be gone before we got back again.

7 thoughts on “Back to the Grind

  1. It’s hard to come back from Maui but glad you found some great birds to photograph. We had actual Wood Ducks come to our pond last week when we were up here in the Adirondacks. Don’t usually see them. Of course, I don’t get pictures of any of them the way you do!

      1. Yes, hard to choose from them all! Wood Ducks are particularly appealing though, I agree. Sadly I haven’t seen them again but the Mallards, which had appeared on the same day, seem to be here to stay.

  2. “Back to the Grind?” To lovely wetlands, shooting photos in your retirement of colorful birds and sharing them with friends? Some grind!

    1. I’ve been retired since I was 57. It’s tough work.

      And, yeah, that was meant to be sarcastic/ironic.

  3. Just took a nice vicarious journey to Maui through your beautiful photos. What a grand trip that was. I really wish I could get on an airplane and go, but I stopped flying 25 years ago. So I have to take these trips through the lens of great photographers! Thank you for that.

    1. I used to get some form of crud every time I flew to Colorado to visit my son’s family so I haven’t flown for several years. I felt lucky that I didn’t catch anything this time, especially since there were several people coughing our whole trip back.

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