More from Lake Ralphine and Spring Lake

Although it’s my favorite, the Acorn Woodpecker isn’t the only bird I look forward to seeing while walking around the two lakes in Santa Rosa.

Although I often see Common Mergansers at Belfair this time of year, I never see them as close up as I do at Lake Ralphine.

Working on this picture I couldn’t figure out why the head didn’t look quite right when I realized that the head is coated with water, that the merganser had just raised its head out of the water and the beak and head were still glazed with water.

I missed seeing the Swans at Lake Ralphine but got a glimpse of this Swan on Spring Lake.

I was disappointed at the beginning of the walk when I didn’t see a single Snowy Egret on Lake Ralphine but was relieved when this one posed for me on our routine. It was so close that I had to back up to keep it in the frame.

The two birds I didn’t see I expected/wanted to see were a Green Heron and a Night Heron.