Broomfield Soccer

We timed our trip to Broomfield so we could see all three grandkids’ soccer games since that is one of their favorite activities. We got to see two of the three kids play on Saturday. Zoe’s game came first. Zoe plays fast and aggressively,

often getting to a ball other teammates can’t get to.

Unfortunately, Grandpa failed to capture her only goal of the game.

Logan is a freshman playing on varsity for his high school team, so he had less of a chance to show his skills. Despite the sunshine, it was brutal on the sidelines with wind gusts up to 40 mph. Grandpa was relieved that he did get a chance to play at the end of the game.

As it turned out, we also got a chance to see his last game of the year in Colorado Springs on our way back from Santa Fé. The weather for this game was delightful and we got another chance to see Logan show his skills against some older competition.

We didn’t get to see one of Sydney’s games until our second weekend. Sydney plays defender and it was nice to see her show some aggression.

Most of all, it was good to see all three kids enjoying the game.

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