Osprey Fishing

Although I managed to get some shots I liked in the early morning fog, I was lucky that by the time we got to the boardwalk overlooking Hood Canal that the sun had finally broken through; otherwise I would never have managed to get these shots of Osprey fishing. You need definitely need high shutter speeds to capture their dives.

We spent several minutes watching this Osprey diving in the distance, apparently without making a catch. John speculated that it was a juvenile just perfecting his skills. When he moved closer —but still a considerable distance away — I captured this sequence.

We knew he had caught something because he circled back to shore rather making another dive.

As he approached, we got a glimpse of his catch.

Hardly a snack; he could hold it in one talon.

Before long another Osprey flew overhead and dove right in front of us.

I managed to catch a few more images in this dive

but missed the critical moment when it hit the water and had to settle for this shot.

This is one of those few times I should have had my camera set on taking shots as quickly as possible.

When this Osprey flew by on its way back to the trees, it was clear it had a larger catch.

I never tire of watching Osprey catching fish.