Logan Visits Gramps

If you missed my blog entries most of the last week, it isn’t because I don’t have a lot of shots I want to eventually post. No, it’s because we’ve been busy trying to live in the moment rather than dwelling on the past (i.e. editing photos taken weeks ago).

Grandson Logan was visiting us last week, and we were trying to make it a memorable vacation for him. So, we were out every day visiting new places, and when we got home he was using my computer to edit his shots.

Logan got his first chance to use a 400mm lens, and he took full advantage of it. His young eyes saw things I entirely missed, like this Song Sparrow feeding a chick.


We spent our second day at the Seattle Aquarium. Not sure what this fish is, but it was my favorite shot of many he took that day.


We actually spent part of two days at Big Beef Creek. We even got up at 4:30 AM so that we could be there at the optimum tide level. Unfortunately, the clouds didn’t cooperate, and we ended up getting our best shots at Seabeck where we could get close enough to counter the lack of light. My favorite shot (perhaps because my shot cut off the head of the bird in the air) is this one of two Great Blue Herons fighting.


Later in the day he captured this shot of a Hooded Merganser keeping an eye on her ducklings at The Bloedel Reserve.


We spent another day at the Mt St Helens Visitor Center where we took a hike through meadows aglow with flowers. I’m not sure which was actually his best shot of the day, but I chose this one because I was enthralled with what used to be known as Indian Paintbrush.


After putting Logan on the plane home this morning, I finally found some time to write a few words.

Hopefully, he’ll treasure his adventures as much as we do until we can see he and his family again this Fall.

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