Snowy Egret In a Green Haze

Tired of trying to decide which of the 100 Western Grebe baby shots I should use on the blog, I turned to the last shots I took at Bear River, shots of a Snowy Egret hunting in a dense swamp. Technically, the shots aren’t particularly good. I don’t think there’s a sharp shot of the Snowy in any of the 10 shots I took. I had to shoot through the reeds between me and the Egret, resulting in a green haze in all the shots.

Turns out, though, that I really liked that green haze; the only problem I had was deciding whether or not to adjust the original shots. Since I shoot on the most basic of settings, I usually have to adjust the darks and lights and sharpen the image slightly; sometimes I even adjust the exposure to try to render what I actually saw with my eyes.

To make matters worse, I tended to like the photos no matter how I adjusted them. So, dear reader, I’ll let you decide which of them you like best.