Icy Blue

As noted yesterday, we just went through a few days of absolutely delightful sunshine, before descending back into the clouds. The sunshine allowed me to get out and get several shots, while the recent rain has forced me back inside so that I have time to actually polish up and publish those shots.

Winter here in the Pacific Northwest usually brings lots of rain and temperatures hovering around the mid 40’s, but clear skies almost invariably bring lower temperatures and brief snow flurries.

On my last trip to Theler Wetlands I was greeted by blue skies and a cold, distant moon,


which was reflected on the ground.

I suspect this Great Blue Heron was huddled in this ice-covered pond because the salt water was warmer than the surrounding ground.


Even the trail itself was covered with snow and frost,


perhaps explaining why I only saw one other person on my whole walk.

Who needs people, though, when you’re joined by Robin Redbreast,


and a flock of Canada Geese?


All in all, the cold seemed like a small price to pay for such beautiful light.

4 thoughts on “Icy Blue”

  1. There is something about the cold clear winter skies that always makes it look a deeper blue than in summer. Makes me wonder if it’s the low angle of the sun. Nice to see the birds there in the cold sunlight of winter.

    1. And I tried to correct the sky, make it less blue, because that’s not the way my eyes saw it.

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