It is looking like a bad week!

Okay, this is officially beginning to look like a bad week.

I woke up with a rash early Sunday morning and thought it must’ve been spider bites. On Monday, I developed an infection on a finger on my left hand. I thought about going to the emergency room, but since I was able to get an appointment with my regular doctor today I waited until then to get diagnosed.

Yesterday, while waiting to see my doctor I found out that my website been off-line for over 12 hours. Anyway, a message said that the word press database needed to be rebuilt and sent me to site containing a line of code I needed to add to my files. After I did that and waited a while, I discovered a much longer error code but no site. I sent off a message to my host with the error message in it. Strangely, right after that the site came back online before they can do anything. Maybe that line of code worked after all. I would rather work on photographs and on code.

When I got to see my doctor today, it turned out they weren’t spider bites at all. Despite having got my shingles vaccination, I managed to get shingles. Luckily, so far it seems to be a rather mild case though the rash looks gross. I was right, though, in that I do have an infection on my finger.

The doctor started me on two different medications which have made me feel rather light-headed. Hopefully that will wear off with time, and I’ll be back to normal shortly. Meanwhile, I’m finding it tedious having to dictate and not type everything.

Luckily, the weather outside is equally bleak, with a week of solid rain predicted. I positively hate it when the sun is shining while I’m stuck inside. It’s always nice to feel that the universe reflects how I feel.

On a more positive note, at least I can quit feeling guilty about not loading my weapons and heading down to Malheur to take out the trash.