Tule Terns

I might have gone to Tule to get shots of Eared Grebes, but the Common Terns were impossible to ignore. I was trying to get a good shot of this White-Faced Ibis in the very first shot I took at Tule,


but it was impossible to get the shot without including two of the fifty-or-so terns squawking at me.

There were nearly as many terns in this shot of a White Pelican flock as there were pelicans.


Loyal readers know what a sucker I am for birds in flight, and this was one of many shots I got of a Common Tern doing a fly by.


I find it even harder to resist any bird that lands right in front of me, and this tern landed right next to the car and proceeded to protest my presence


while posing for a considerable time before finally taking flight as I backed up to get a shot from a different angle.


I never noticed the black tip on the beak and the black toenails before taking these shots. Cameras certainly help us to pay better attention to what we’re seeing.

2 thoughts on “Tule Terns”

  1. Love seeing all those White Pelicans and the geese hiding among them. It is wonderful how much we see in photographs that our eyes don’t pick up in the moment. One of the best parts of photography.

    1. I definitely agree with that; I’ve done some blog entries I called The Zen of Canon for exactly that reason.

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