Still At Theler

You’d think that seeing two eagles on the ground right in front of me and sighting Cedar Waxwings twice in the same day would have been the highlight of my recent visit to Theler Wetlands, but, surprisingly, there turned out to be much more to that visit.

First, the wild roses were in full bloom because of the summer-like temperatures. Unfortunately, a birding lens doesn’t lend itself well to long shots of row on row of roses or for close-ups so I was limited to this shot taken with my iPhone

wild rose

and sharpened with Photoshop. Until the internet perfects smellivision you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you the aroma along the path was heavenly.

On my way out to the boardwalk to take shots of the swallows, I got what might be my best shot ever of a Marsh Wren

Marsh Wren

that came remarkably close to the boardwalk, though hopefully it is not foolish enough to build a nest that close to a busy walkway.

The sun even made it possible to get some great shots of the swallows, like this shot of a Barn Swallow sunning on the boardwalk railing.

Barn Swallow

I even managed to get my first shot this year of a Violet-Green Swallow.

Violet-Green Swallow

The walk on the boardwalk would have been the perfect end to a great day, but as it turned out the highlight of the day still awaited me.

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