A Quick Trip to Westport

Things have been positively hectic around here lately. I’ve been dropping off and picking up Lael for school which has totally altered my schedule. I’ve really enjoyed the chance to see her regularly, but I’ve had to push my gym workout to after I drop off rather than starting at 6:30. That’s segmented my day so I’m not getting as much done as usual. Worst of all, I haven’t been able to fit in any long day trips, not that there’s been many opportunities with all the rain we’ve been having.

So when last Friday opened up and it was sunny at the beach I was out of here very early in the morning. I headed straight to Westport, hoping to get some shots of Common Loons in breeding colors. Apparently, though, it’s too early for breeding plumage. I got several closeup shots, like this one,

Common Loon

but there weren’t any in breeding colors yet.

I also got some nice shots of this lone Western Grebe

Western Grebe

right outside the harbor.

I even got a nice shot of a Great Blue Heron, something I don’t usually see at Westport.

Great Blue Heron

What I didn’t see, though, were the Pelicans and Pigeon Guillemots I go to see there, not a one. The Godwits weren’t to be found at Tokeland, either. And all I saw at Bottle Beach was a small flock of Dunlin. Guess I haven’t missed much by not getting out there. Apparently Spring migration hasn’t begun yet; I’ll just have to show a little more patience.

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  1. The trouble is they’re so common here that we tend to discount them, I’m afraid. I remember I went crazy photographing the first one I ever saw, which wasn’t too long ago, really.

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