Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

Earlier this month I posted a rather blurry shot of a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet I saw at Theler, which may have been my best shot ever of this elusive little bird up to that time even though I’ve seen many of them over the years.

So, I was quite pleasantly surprised when a male Kinglet took up residence in my backyard recently and seemed curious, if not just plain curiously bold. Instead of flying away when I walked out into the backyard, this little guy flew directly at me, and then retreated to either the Butterfly Bush or the fence.

I suspect this is the best shot I will ever get of a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet,

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

though kinglets actually appear yellow than this in bright sunlight.

Oftentimes birds seemed startled by the loud shutter noise my Canon EOS 1D, but this guy actually seemed attracted to the sound,

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

at times seemingly staring at the camera downright quizzically.

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

He seems to have moved on after three or four days in the yard, but while he was here he was the highlight of my day.

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  1. That’s awesome, Loren. The last shot reminds me of the Warner Bros. cartoon character in the Foghorn Legorn series. He seems to be saying, “I’m a Chicken Hawk!”

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