Canyonlands National Park, North Entrance

In the north portion of Canyonlands National Park you generally look down on formations or look out onto vast vistas. Right across from the entrance there’s a road for 4-wheel vehicles that almost literally DROPS down into the canyon.

road into canyon

I’ve generally been quite happy with my All-wheel drive Honda Element, but after learning that you had to have a Jeep or the equivalent to take the trail I suddenly felt the need for a new vehicle (not that I’ll ever actually replace my Element with a Jeep).

My next stop was a short walk to Upheaval Dome, an unusual formation not totally understood even by geologists, though one theory is that it was caused by the impact of a meteorite.

Upheaval Dome

The main overlook in the park offered grand vistas of the canyons.

a river flows through it

You can just make out some of the roads snaking their way south.

This shot gives you an even better perspective with the Toyota Pickup snaking around the canyon. It’s occupants must be getting a great view of the canyons and the “needles.”

Toyota Pickup

Unfortunately, my view wasn’t as great and the sun was coming from the wrong direction. A ranger told us that the best time for shots was in the evening, but I didn’t have another day to stay, especially with all the nearby campgrounds full.


Hopefully I’ll get better shots the next time I return. Now that I’ve found the park I’ll be back sooner, rather than later.

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  1. Well done! I love the 8 mile trail that circumnavigates Upheaval Dome too, but only in cool weather months. Come when you can stay longer, walk farther, mid week there is always camping spots.

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