Volunteer Park Conservatory

Although I no longer have a desire to live in Seattle because it has gotten too big and too expensive , I still consider it “home. Occasionally, like last Sunday, I’m reminded why I still love it.

After delivering grandkids to their parents in Seattle, we decided we needed to visit Volunteer Park, a place we probably haven’t seen for four or five years, even though we enjoyed visiting the Conservatory every time we’ve been there before.

It didn’t take long to remember how spectacular the flowers are there.

This one almost seemed too glossy to be real,

while this one seemed too weird to be real.

Sometimes it was hard to decide if some were simply too beautiful to believe, or too weird to believe like this one

and this one.

We both liked this Passion flower much more in the conservatory than in our front garden, though we learned quickly why it belongs in a protected environment.

Passion flower

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