Hiking Boulder

We didn’t manage to get in one of our traditional day-long hikes on this visit to Tyson and family since I was only there four days (and it rained one of those) but we did get in two short hikes above Boulder. On the first hike we started just above the University of Colorado, at the Chautauqua center. It started out as a beautiful day,

Boulder trail

but as you can see in the last shot of the sequence it ended up as quite overcast. And since rains were predicted, I decided to leave my Canon home and rely on my iPhone for photographs. Although the iPhone does a good job on scenics, I missed my chance at the best shot ever of a Magpie because I lacked a telephoto capability.

Despite the fact Sydney thinks hikes are a form of grampa-torture, I enjoyed sharing my favorite passion with them. At least I’m sure the dog enjoys the hikes (if I could just keep up with him).

Webster family, minus Tyson

Despite the grumbling, they all seem to have a good time on our excursions, especially when we stop and they can run and play. It never hurts if there happens to be a playground at the end of the trip so they can get some exercise (and gramps can rest and get his oxygen level back to something close to normal).

We ended our first walk back at the Chautauqua Dining Hall, a most impressive building from the outside. Despite several visits to Colorado, I’d never heard of the Colorado Chautauqua before but I have found it interesting to explore its history.

Chautauqua Dining Hall

We started our second hike at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, six miles from where we began our earlier hike. We started climbing immediately, looking up at huge rock formations that might well have given the city its name.


I’ll have to admit that in spots I was challenged by the grade, often no more than steps leading up the hill. It didn’t help morale having joggers running past, or having grandkids showing up gramps by climbing rocks when we stopped for short breaks.

kids climbing rocks

The hike really didn’t go to the top of the rocks that dominated the landscape, but we were considerably nearer them when we finally turned around and headed back down the hill.


We ended our last hike the way every good hike should end, at an excellent restaurant and an ice-cream shop. It was a great way to end my trip to Broomfield before heading out to Utah’s Moab.

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  1. The sun always seems to be shining on your trips Loren. Love the way that – after your long hike – the dog enjoys some exercise. Would that we had half the energy!

    1. If you do try to make time to get to some of the parks in Utah, too.

      I’m just sorry I waited so long to discover them.

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