Local Birding

I haven’t quite felt up to spending an entire day birding at the ocean lately, so I’ve been out birding locally twice and, while not great, the birding is definitely improving.

There were a lot of songbirds migrating through Lake Waughop, and the Wood Ducks have also returned.

male Wood Duck

I birded Theler Wetlands with the Lael Sunday and got a fair number of shots, too. I liked this shot of Hooded Merganser gulping down a small fish.

juvenile Hooded Merganser

I even managed to get a shot of a juvenile Semipalmated Plover and what I think is a juvenile Western Sandpiper without going to the beach.


We even found birds at Port Orchard when we stopped for lunch. I particularly liked this shot of a Pelagic Cormorant that showed off the beautiful green sheen on its neck.

Pelagic Cormorant

2 thoughts on “Local Birding”

  1. As usual Loren. marvellous photographs. I do love the names you Americans give your lakes. We were some years ago sitting on the shores of Lake Winnepesauke (goodness knows how it is spelt!) – I presume that name came from the North American Indians, did it?

    1. I really don’t know, either, but I’m betting this is an Indian name. Washington in particular uses tribal names for landmarks, though Rainier is known as Tahoma by the Indians, and Puget Sound is also named after an explorer.

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