A Sunday Walk at Theler Wetlands

I’ve been spending a lot of my free time at home reading, but I don’t do that when Leslie is off work. After we dropped the grandkids off on Sunday, we went to Theler Wetlands in Belfair. I really didn’t expect to see too many birds, but I enjoy the four mile walk and it seems impossible to walk Belfair without seeing at least some birds, or, at the very least, some insects like this dragonfly


that greeted us at the pond.

Leslie’s favorite sighting of the day was this one of the Belted Kingfisher looking down at a Great Blue Heron stalking fish.

Kingfisher and Great Blue Heron

The two are certainly my favorite birds at Theler, but I tend to prefer closeups rather than long shots like this one.

My favorite bird photo of the day would have to be this one of the same Great Blue Heron standing on a little island in the middle of the creek later in the day.

Great Blue Heron

However, it’s probably a sign of how few birds we saw that my first and last shot of the day were of dragonflies.


7 thoughts on “A Sunday Walk at Theler Wetlands”

  1. I agree with Leslie about ‘favourite shot’ Loren – to catch both birds like that is quite something. I wonder if the kingfisher was watching to see what the heron would catch. This kingfisher seems quite different from ours here – it doesn’t seem to have that bright chestnut colouring which goes so vividly with the irridescent green/blue.

    1. The females have the chestnut coloring, but not the males. Ours don’t seem to have the green color that many other varieties have, though.

      I’m amazed how different kingfishers can look from region to region.

    1. You’re certainly welcome to download it if you’d really like to paint a picture from it. In fact, if you ask for any picture to use as a model you can use any of my pictures.

  2. Had a blue heron and green heron by the pond the other day, but couldn’t get them both in the frame. Plus, the light wasn’t great. Love the red dragonfly.

    1. The lighting often seems out-of-sorts when such events occur, doesn’t it Dave?

      My biggest problem is that with a 560mm lens that one of the subjects will be out of focus, or, at a minimum, one will be slightly fuzzy. That’s just the nature of telephoto lenses, I’m afraid. You can see some of that even in this shot, and I sharpened different parts of the image separately.

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