The Point Defiance Dahlia Garden

Just because birding is slow doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to take advantage of last week’s sunshine. No, I’m not about to sit inside reading James Joyce’s Ulysses when it’s 90° and sunny outside.

I got up early in the morning and went down to the Rose Garden. Although some of the roses seem past their prime, others are just now coming into their full beauty.

yellow roses

Late summer is really my favorite time to visit the garden, not because of the roses but because of the dahlias are finally in full bloom then.

Even the largest dahlias, like this giant yellow variety are in full bloom.

huge yellow dahlia

Though I’ll have to admit I prefer the less showy geometric varieties, like this orange and yellow one,

orange dahlia

or this style, which seems to be the favorite of the bees and other insects.

purple and white dahlia

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