Grand Tetons have wildlife, too

Although I went to the Grand Tetons expecting beautiful scenery, I was pleasantly surprised to also find interesting wildlife. I was really hoping to see a bull Moose on my trip, and the first thing I saw as I entered the park was two moose. At a distance, I thought I had seen two females, like this one.


A closer look revealed that one of the two was actually a young bull moose which can be seen by its small antlers.

young bull Moose

Not quite what I was hoping for; guess I’ll have to wait until my next visit to get a shot of an adult Bull Moose with large antlers.

I also saw several bucks beside the road.


I missed a great shot of a fox the day before when it crossed the road in front of me because I had my camera turned off, but I was amazed when I was greeted by this fox walking down the road heading straight for me. Unfortunately, the shot through the window was almost unrecognizable, but I had time to jump out of the car and get this shot as it plodded steadily down the road with a meal for her pups.

fox with squirrel

I was still more impressed by the awesome scenery than by the wildlife, but it’s obvious the two are inseparable.

3 thoughts on “Grand Tetons have wildlife, too”

  1. Fantastic photograph of the back view of that fox Loren. Aren’t moose ungainly creatures? I saw one on a visit to Canada once – they are rather lumpy creatures I think.

    1. Yes, the fox shot is probably my favorite of these. Not quite as good as the shot I missed the day before with the fox looking back at me, though.

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