Pt Defiance Rose Garden

The day after I came back from Vancouver because of heavy rains, I spent a sunny afternoon at the Point Defiance Rose Gardens. I was surprised by how many roses were in bloom. And though some of the rose showed wear from recent rains, they were still quite striking.

I’ll have to admit that some of my favorite colors are the first to bloom, like this orange beauty,

Orange Rose

or this striking yellow one.

Yellow Rose

Luckily, there are lots of new blooms emerging that don’t show any signs of the recent weather.

Rose Bud

As usual, I wasn’t content to focus on just the roses. There’s a hug variety of flowers in the surrounding beds, but one of my favorites was the Calendula.


I was a little surprised to see how well the iris were doing since earlier species seemed quite stunted. There was certainly nothing stunted by this purple and white beauty.

Purple and White Iris

I may have missed the wildflowers in the Columbia Gorge for this year, but I won’t miss my repeated visits to the nearby Pt. Defiance Gardens.

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