Dungeness Scenery

Even without wildlife, Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge would a remarkable place. Looking eastward as you first walk the beach toward the lighthouse, Mount Baker rises above the Cascades in the distance.

Mt. Baker

To the south, across the lagoon, the Olympics seem perhaps even more impressive, though in reality they’re not nearly as high as Mount Baker.

Olympics from Dungeness Spit

I’ve always been fascinated by the sound of ocean waves lapping the shore while I scan the horizon for birds and animals. Although I’ve only seen harbor seals here before, on this visit we were greeted by the much larger Sea Lion.

Sea Lion

I find the abstract beauty driftwood pieces like this irresistible.

Driftwood Trunk

Though we generally don’t make it the full five and half miles to the lighthouse, seeing the towering Olympics on the walk back helps me forget how leg-weary I always get walking on uneven rocks and loose sand


Olympics from Dungeness Spit

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