I’m about to head out on a 3-5 camping trip and decided that since many of those days will be spent carrying a pack uphill that I would leave all my computer equipment at home since I didn’t want to leave a Mac Book Air and other computer equipment at the trailhead. I know from experience that too often it isn’t safe.

It’s bad enough having your car broken into without losing expensive equipment that the insurance company won’t cover without an extended policy. Normally when I go birding I keep reasonably close to my car and don’t worry too much about it being broken into, but that would defeat the purpose of this particular trip.

Besides, after ten+ years of blogging and constant time on the internet I want to see what it feels like to simply shut it all down for three to four days. I suspect it might be harder to quit than smoking, but I think I need to find out.

5 thoughts on “Unplugged”

  1. Here’s to a great trip out and back. Let the stars away from the city lights be all the connection you need. kjm

  2. Enjoy your trip and refresh yourself. I certainly enjoyed my backpacking
    days and miss it very much. Am currently reading “Wild.”

  3. I have just been looking at some of your wonderful bird pictures. I hope you enjoy your trip. Surely your camera is going with you and you will come back with more great shots.

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