Between Showers

So what do you do when it rains twenty days and twenty nights straight? For one thing, you spend a lot of time at the YMCA lifting weights and walking the indoor track. More importantly, if you’re retired, at the first glimmer of sunshine you hit Ruston Way, capturing all the sunlight you can.

Since it’s impossible to plan a trip under such circumstances, I spend most of the time walking around the boathouse and the trail to Owens Beach, taking pictures of birds that I’ve seen many times before, wondering why these Barrow’s Goldeneye continue to bob their head even after they’ve apparently wooed a mate.

pair of Barrow’s Goldeneye

Photograph Common Goldeneyes

male Common Goldeneye

and wonder how you ever confused them with a Barrow’s Goldeneye or why they always occupy a different section of the beach than the Barrow’s do.

Sometimes if you’re lucky you get buzzed by a 2nd-year Bald Eagle

juvenile Bald Eagle

and wonder how the feathers can change so dramatically as they become adults.

Perhaps you just wonder who’s really the “birdbrain” when shoreline owners mount fake owls

Fake Owl and Gull

on their buildings to scare away pesky birds.

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