Back to Nisqually in the Fog

With another sunny day forecast, I asked Mike if he wanted to go to the Nisqually national wildlife refuge. We left Tacoma in the sunshine but by the time we got there the fog was quite thick. If this keeps up, I may give Mike the Indian name He-Who-Brings-Fog.

The thick fog certainly added to this American Bittern’s camouflage, not that he needed it


Bittern in long grass

However, we got so close to another American Bittern that not even the fog could blur it. It was so close that this picture is actually made up of four separate shots because I couldn’t fit it into the finder.

American Bittern

It was nice to see a few shorebirds, like this Yellowlegs, since I haven’t seen any since late last Fall.


I also managed another first, as this is the first time I’ve ever seen a Canvasback Duck outside of the Denver Zoo.

male Canvasback Duck

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  1. A trip to the delta via your photos is always such a gift. Had a long discussion after my last visit there in the fog, ‘was that a bittern.’ Glad to see what you found was actually a bittern. I fear the one i spotted was a heron trying to ‘get small.’ kjm

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