I’ve been working, at least intermittently, to organize the shots I took in my recent trip to California. I started with a little over 1000 shots and now have it narrowed down to just slightly over 600 shots. It has taken me nearly 6 hours to narrow them down so far, but the hardest part is still to come as I continue to cut all but the best shots.

So, the shots I presented yesterday and today are placeholders, as it were. They are shots I liked, but are not necessarily the best shots from the seven days.

I took this series of shots on the first day at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. Although I was focusing on the geese, ducks, and raptors in the distance, I happened to look down and notice this small little bird ducking in and out of the vegetation right outside my window.

I’m not positive what it is but I think it’s a variant of the Savannah Sparrow.


As I was watching the sparrow, I noticed a similar bird a short distance away. At first I thought it was the same species, but as we drove closer it became obvious that this bird was much larger and had more yellow on its head and breast.


It didn’t take long to realize it was definitely a different species. It wasn’t until I got a little closer and the bird looked up from its foraging, however, that I realized exactly what it was.


although it took me much longer to remember it’s Name.

I’d gotten my best pictures of meadowlarks in Colorado, but I’d never gotten this close, especially with my 500mm lens. I liked this shot because it was the first time I’d ever noticed eyelashes on a bird before.


Leslie and I were amazed at the flocks of meadowlarks we saw during the two days we were at the Sacramento NWR.

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