Red-Necked Grebes

My favorite part of being retired is that I can take advantage of brief sunny interludes in mostly cloudy, rainy days. In five minutes I can be walking Ruston Way or Owens beach. Most of the time I simply get an enjoyable workout, covering two or 3 miles.

Although I usually see birds I’ve seen many times before, occasionally I will see a bird I seldom see or, even, one I’ve never seen before. The other day, for instance, I was watching Horned Grebes and I notice that one grebe was larger than the other ones.

Horned Grebe and Red-Necked Grebe

I didn’t immediately recognize it as a Red-Necked Grebe but I did recognize it was a bird I seldom see and started photographing it.

Soon I noticed there were actually two of these grebes not one,

Two Red-Necked Grebes

and they were looking for food,

Red-Necked Grebe “snorkling”

shrimp as it turned out,

Red-Necked Grebe with Shrimp

though shrimp as large as this are generally known as “prawns” around here. I didn’t even realize we had shrimp, a personal favorite, in the Puget Sound. A little online research revealed that there is, indeed, a shrimp season in the Puget Sound. Amazing what you can learn by paying attention. At the very least, I got the best shots of a Red-Necked Grebe I’ve ever gotten.

2 thoughts on “Red-Necked Grebes”

  1. You have only got to look at your magnificent photographs Loren to know just how much attention you pay to every single detail. You may be retired but you still approach life with zest.

    1. I’m pretty sure that being retired restored my Zest, pat.

      Nothing like pursuing what you love to do that.

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