And the Living is Easy

Considering how much of my time is spent alone walking and camping, recent weeks have been downright hectic. I’d just barely finished camping with my kids for two weeks when Leslie’s brother Jeff and his wife Debbie came for a visit. Luckily they enjoy walking nearly as much as we do, so we took them to Theler Wetlands for a walk, along with granddaughter Mira.

It must be late summer because the Cedarwaxwings are back feeding on nearly-ripened berries.

Cedar Waxwing

I even managed to capture a shot of (I think) a Hammond’s Flycatcher,

Hammond Fly Catcher

though it wouldn’t surprise me if if was another kind of flycatcher.

As I suspected, the Goldfinches were out in numbers taking advantage of the thistles that have finally bloomed. We saw lots of Goldfinches.

Goldfinch feeding Young

However, I think this is my favorite shot,

Goldfinch in Thistles

a perfect illustration of how easy living can be in the summer.

Life is also easier if great-uncle Jeff is willing to carry you the last half mile up the hill to the parking lot.

Mira and Jeff

Another great summer day.

7 thoughts on “And the Living is Easy”

  1. It ought to provoke headlines here, too, that way I would have noticed them much earlier in my life.

    I think I’ve only seen them in my yard once.

  2. Nice ones, Loren! It’s hard to realize when I watch you snap these how amazing they’ll look on the screen. I saw those little guys hopping around in the thistles (about a mile away, seemed like) but had no notion that they were really wallowing! Love it!

    1. My favorite is actually the one of you and Mira, though the one with you on the iPhone was very tempting.

  3. I like your photographs a lot better when you don’t crap up the background with your photoshop texture filter junk.

    1. Actually, I didn’t like the one at the top too much either and ended up deleting it rather than saving it, but in general I prefer the photos when I “crap up the backgrounds with Photoshop texture filter junk.”

      There’s lots and lots of bird photographers out there who publish the clearest, crispest shot you could ever imagine, though too often the colors and sharpness are enhanced with Photoshop. Guess you’d prefer their shots.

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