Hummingbird Redux

The Crocosmia was so late this year that I didn’t get many hummingbirds until mid-July, and by then I was into backpacking and hiking in the mountains. As a result, I haven’t spent lazy mornings sitting on the front porch swing waiting for them to show up. Instead, I’ve glanced out semi-regularly and grabbing my camera if I do see a hummingbird.

Needless to say, that (lack of) technique hasn’t resulted in as many good pictures as in past years, but it’s hard not to get some good shots when you grow these hummingbird magnets:


Of course, after five years of shooting hummingbird shots, I’m getting a little jaded and it’s getting harder and harder to get a shot that is as ones I’ve shot in the pass. This one


is probably the only one I won’t end up deleting because it’s a different pose than I’ve gotten in the past, and reminds me of how amazing their flying abilities really are.

However, I couldn’t imagine going a whole year without publishing at least a couple of hummingbird shots; no matter how many times I see them, they always amaze me.

4 thoughts on “Hummingbird Redux”

  1. These are simply AMAZING!! Kenju gave me a heads up and I’m so glad she did! To look right into the eyes of a Hummingbird—well, that is pretty astounding! I love them so much, too….!

  2. I like the green background for these splendid images.

    My hummingbird magnet is a lavender plant in a container on my porch, but Crocosmia is the best magnet of all. Maybe I’ll try growing some for next summer.

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