Rainier Wildlife

While I didn’t see a lot of wildlife on Mt. Rainier, particularly the ones I most wanted to see, I did enjoy those I did see. Most of the wildlife pictures I took were in camp the first four hours, before Tyson and his family, and host of other people, arrived at the camp.

I was greeted by this Stellar Jay at the entrance to Cougar Rock Campground

Stellar Jay

but I didn’t notice until I brought it up on the computer that it had been tagged, as indicated by the metal band on his leg.

Strangely, the only other bird I saw in camp, this Gray Jay (aka Robber Jay)

Gray Jay

was also banded. Perhaps that explains why they were actually quite shy, particularly for a Robber Jay, one of the boldest birds I’ve ever observed previously.

Although I saw several Stellar Jays in the three days we were there, the only other bird I observed was another favorite, a Varied Thrush,

Varied Thrush

the first time I’ve ever observed one in its native habitat, and outside my backyard.

Although I would really have loved to get a picture of the foxes and bears that all the campground signs said not to feed, all I managed to get a picture of was this chipmunk, who seemed content to find all of his own food:


In another year, when we could get closer to the mountain, I’m sure I could have gotten a picture of a Pika or even a Mountain Goat, but I certainly saw more wildlife than I would have seen if I’d stayed home typing on this computer.

4 thoughts on “Rainier Wildlife”

  1. Haven’t been commenting much but have been thoroughly enjoying the photos from your recent trips.

    It’s the time of year when I begin to hear Steller’s Jays on my porch and see them in the woods.

  2. Yes, they seem to return around here about now, though I haven’t seen any yet, maybe there staying up in the mountains until the snow melts.

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