Not Just Snow

This year’s increased snowfall has enhanced the beauty of Mt. Rainier’s many rivers and waterfalls.

Innumerable small falls line the road to Paradise.

Small Falls

Paradise Creek

Paradise Creek

seems more river than creek.

Narada Falls seems more magnificent than usual.

Narada Falls

Further down the mountain, Christine Falls

Christine Falls

causes traffic jams as drivers pull off the road to photograph it.

5 thoughts on “Not Just Snow”

  1. Here’s the answer:

    Christine Falls was named by John Hayes of Yelm, Washington, in honor of Christine Louise Van Trump – daughter of P.B. Van Trump, one of the two first ascentionists of Mt. Rainier – who in 1889, at the age of 9, climbed to the 10,000 foot level on the mountain, despite a crippling nervous system disorder.

    1. I wish that we were still willing to spend the time and money to build equally beautiful bridges today.

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