Early Dahlias

If you’ve been visiting for awhile you know that my favorite flowers are dahlias, so it will come as no surprise that I was thrilled to see that four five of the many dahlias were already in bloom yesterday. And though I focused on the roses because they seemed to be at their peak, I couldn’t resist also shooting some shots of the early dahlias.

This one was so bright that you’d almost think it was a bright, sunny day

Yellow Dahlia

if it weren’t for the rain soaked petals, of course.

The fire-engine red dahlia

Red Dahlia

with it’s contrasting yellow stamen seemed equally brilliant.

My favorite, though, was this

Orange Dahlia

much more subdued orange dahlia with it triangular-shaped petals. I may love this flower almost as much as the bees do.

4 thoughts on “Early Dahlias”

    1. Not really sure that there is a reason, Paul, but I think I like the strong geometric patterns; they remind me of mandalas or kaleidoscopes.

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