Pt. Defiance Rose Garden

When I looked at the calendar yesterday, I suddenly realized it’s already the middle of July and I hadn’t seen a single rose at the Pt Defiance Rose Garden yet. So, between rain showers, I made a quick trip down there.

Wow, the garden was in full bloom, with nearly all the roses in bloom now. I almost imagined that they were even more beautiful because of the raindrops lingering on them:

Rose with Raindrops

Although some of the roses looked like they’d been battered by recent rain, there were enough just unfolding

Yellow Rose Unfolding

to ensure they will continue to delight visitors for weeks to come.

If you looked hard enough, you could even find whole bouquets of roses in prime condition.

Bouquet of Roses

The roses deserve to be seen in their full beauty, but I have a few pictures of other flowers I liked that I’ll publish in the next day or two.