Checking out the Beach

Wednesday had been predicted to be the best day of the week, so when the forecast didn’t change in the morning, I took a chance and drove to Tokeland and Ocean Shores hoping to catch the beginning of the Spring Migration of shore birds and ducks.

Much to my surprise, the highlight of the day came before I ever got to the beach while zipping down Highway 107. I glanced off the side of the road and noticed a large herd of Elk. I was going too fast to stop, but I turned around a mile or so down the road and drove back. Of course, once I stopped the herd started moving up the mountain, though a few looked back curiously:

Elk Herd

As I was turning around to leave, I notice another large herd on the other side of the road. I felt blessed that I hadn’t found more of the herd in the middle of the road when I originally drove by.

So by 9:30 when I spotted number of Common Loons in Westport harbor, I’d really accomplished most of what I’d come to do. Though I’m always glad to see a loon like this Common Loon even in it’s non-breeding colors,

Common Loon

the real reason I come back is to see one in full breeding colors.

Common Loon in breeding colors

Just seeing these birds would have seemed more than worth the $44.00 I put in the gas tank, but the day had just begun and I was still waiting to see the Spring Migration.

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  1. Yeah, Kenju, you might call that a forty-four dollar, snazzy, black and white common loon — and worth every penny! It’s gorgeous.

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