Summer Edges Closer

Summer’s still not here and is actually supposed to arrive late here in the Pacific Northwest this year, but the sun cooperated again this morning and shone brightly for most of our trip to Theler Wetlands in Belfair.

The Trilliums and Skunk Cabbage were joined by a number of brilliant purple native plants indicating that summer is inching closer.

purple flowers

The Great Blue Herons have returned throughout the wetlands.

close-up of Great Blue Heron

Common Mergansers seem to have paired up before leaving the area,

pair of Common Mergansers in breeding colors

though this handsome male Hooded Merganser didn’t seem to have a mate yet.

male Hooded Merganser

It’s hard to beat a Spring day hinting at better things to come after a long, wet winter.

7 thoughts on “Summer Edges Closer”

  1. These pictures make me wish I lived in the Pacific Northwest. That’s a great close-up of a Great Blue Heron (one of my favourite birds). What camera do you use, Loren?

  2. Loren, why the focus on summer? Should we not slow down and focus on spring, glorious spring?

    1. Since that’s what we’ve got, we probably should, Keara.

      It’s really the “winter rains” that are beginning to get on my nerves. I crave some sunshine, warm sunshine where you can shed your vest, coat, and gloves.

      Hopefully I’ll get some of that in my upcoming trip to Colorado to see Kids and Grandkids.

  3. Loren, it’s interesting to learn about our differing ecosystems and the effect they have on our moods and nerves. Here in the Northeast, we do have April showers and plenty of gray skies. The snow and ice and cold of winter have taught us, however, to treasure the first glimpse of crocus, and then the forsythia and daffodils. This afternoon I saw some tulips nearly ready to open and it made my heart glad.

    I wish you much sunshine in Colorado, along with great family time. As the old Irish blessing has it, “May the sunshine warm upon your face.” 🙂

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