Pardon the Interruption

in our regular programming.

You’ve been spared this aspect of my personality unless you’re a long time follower of this blog, one I started in protest of America’s invasion of Afghanistan, God only knows how many years ago.

Recently I’ve only been expressing my political views on Facebook, though doing so seems like little more than preaching to the choir since nearly all my Facebook friends share similar views.

Still, since this blog is a tribute to my desire to lead the best life I can and since I devoted much of my life after Vietnam trying to create a better, more just, society, I don’t see how I can ignore anything as devastating as the rise of the Tea Party and the continuing assault on the middle class.

Though I would never display my emotions as effectively as Kucinich does in this video, he articulates my present feelings as well as anyone I know.

I’d love to see Kucinich run in the primaries against President Obama before the next election. At least I’d have a chance to vote FOR somebody rather than AGAINST somebody.