For What It’s Worth

Though posting has been a little irregular here, I haven’t just been playing my new computer game. In fact, I might have been reading and thinking even more than normal, thanks, in part, to a long period of rain.

Mostly, though, it’s due to recent changes in our country’s political tone. Though I’ve learned to tune most of the political rhetoric out since my first outrage after Bush’s attack on Iraq, Tea Partyers and Obama’s increasing turn to the right, apparently in an attempt to gain the middle ground has left me steaming more than usual.

My mood wasn’t improved when I attended a “Town Hall Meeting” with our local representatives, all liberals. Basically, the meeting was an attempt to decide what services to cut because State tax collections have fallen radically in our state and, due to a recent initiative, it’s impossible to raise taxes or fees without 60% approval, nearly impossible to achieve at the moment.

Although the accompanying video isn’t particularly relevant at the moment, unless you, like I, consider the money fighting these endless wars immoral, this could well be the theme song of this generation: