A Sunny Winter Day

We’ve had some cold, but sunny days here in the Pacific Norhwest, but until Sunday I was too busy with the holidays to get out. So, even though it was rather frigid, Leslie and I went to Belfair and Port Orchard.

For most of the morning I wished I’d brought a different lens because there weren’t many birds in sight but the ice seemed quite beautiful:

Reeds covered in ice

Since I had brought my birding lens, I focused on the few birds that were out, mostly song birds because they seem relatively indifferent to the the shot guns shots surrounding the refuge:

Song Sparrow in Frosted Weeds

Near the end of the walk, though, there were several Common Mergansers, like this male in transitional plumage:

Common Merganser in Transitional Pllumage

I seemed so warm by the end of the walk that by the time I spotted this Robin it almost seemed like a Spring day: