Too Busy to Pose

It’s tough to get decent bird photographs right now because parents are busy taking care of chicks and don’t have time to stand around showing off their latest finery or attract other members of their species with elaborate songs.

Heck, you’re lucky just to catch a glimpse of a Bullock’s Oriole mother carrying a juicy tidbit for her young:

female Bullock's Oriole

see an American Coot showing a chick how to gather its own food,

American Coot with Offspring

or see a Killdeer distracting predators

Kill Deer Distracting Predators

from two small chicks

Killdeer Chick

who I would never have seen if I wasn’t so fascinated with Killdeer.

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  1. I’ve never heard of a “Golden Oriole” and it’s not listed in local bird guides, but I’ll have to look to see if they are found in America, pat.

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